Grilles, Louvres & Diffusers

Grilles, Louvres & Diffusers


CEG has a long history of working with market leading manufacturers of ventilation Grilles, Louvres & Diffusers in UK, across Europe and the world.

We can respond quickly to ensure a prompt turnaround & provide a priority service for small orders and samples

CEG will help you to choose the right product and offer a wide range of standard products for your project, with a wide range of Grilles suitable of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning application. These include both supply and extract grilles for use in all building types from large commercial premises to residential buildings.

Our Louvre panel systems are popular in industrial and commercial buildings while our ventilation Diffusers provide a decorative finish in any setting.

Finally, our supply partners can design and manufacture customised, bespoke products at very competitive prices.


  • Wide range of internal and external Grilles, Louvre and diffuser packages.
  • Specialised floor and wall grilles.
  • Plenum Boxes to suit.
  • Bespoke designs.
  • Spiral Ducting Grilles.
  • Air & Supply Valves.
  • Spiral Ducting Grilles.
  • All Technical data supplied.

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